Lemtrada cleared for NHS use

Anthony Deane
Since 2003 Anthony, who works as an Assessment Process Support Manager for Cambridge English, has been taking part in the trial of a drug, Lemtrada, which has been developed at the University of Cambridge over many years and has just been approved for use in the NHS by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). Lemtrada, as Anthony told both BBC Look East and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, has given him a quality of life that he did not expect when first diagnosed with MS when his symptoms included the loss of his sight in one eye. "Its not a cure but I havent had MS for 11 years", he told BBC TV. "The only time it affects my day to day life is when I want to get holiday insurance. I'm healthier now than I was back in the day".

Such is Anthonys level of fitness that he has recently run three half marathons. He now hopes others will be able to be helped in the same way he has been. "Its great news for people recently been diagnosed", he added.

BBC Look East

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire


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